Help us; Help Children like Binod

He is one of many disadvantaged Nepali Children that without the help of HRDC would have lived the rest of his life with a treatable physical disability.

  • At HRDC over 67,000 children has received treatment, and not one has been turned away for inability to pay.
  • Despite the devastating Earthquake on April 25th 2015, HRDC was able to perform over 1,600 surgeries on children with physical disabilities.

67,000 Nepali children mended

Since 1985, 67,000 Nepali children with physical disability have received treatment at HRDC.

120 days of fieldwork in 26 districts

In addition to providing services at our hospital in Banepa, HRDC runs Community Base Rehabilitation Program (CBR) in 26 different districts in Nepal. Read more...

Emergency response

Despite the devastating Earthquake on April 25th, 2015, HRDC was able to provide 20,022 consultations and performed over 1,729 surgeries at our five mobile clinics located in different regions within Nepal.

27 Awards

HRDC has received 27 awards including 3 international awards. World of Children Alumni Award (2016), Star Impact Awards (2014) and the World of Children Award (2011).